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Give so I can go (please) they can hear of their rescue

In Tanzania, evangelists are driven out to a village with a prayer and a suitcase. They get out of the truck and become part of the community, living off of what they are given.

My call as a Church Army Evangelist is the same;
I am not supported financially by Church Army...
I am not supported financially by my denomination...

I am supported by friends who want to help me expand the Kingdom of God into the unreached places in the Greater Hartford Area by building relationships, providing felt-needs of underwear and food, and telling of the Great Story that Jesus, our Rescuer, has come!

My people can't support me;

They live under bridges or in shelters. 

They live in jail. 

They live in memory units in nursing home. 

They are fleeing domestic violence.

They deserve a great church, where they are. 

They have the right to Jesus...but they have to hear it...

and so I am sent.

Join us today. 

Follow the link and direct your gift to "Bryan Bywater"